Since being founded in the year 2000, The Ingenium Group has forged high quality relationships with leaders of a wide range of business sizes from a wide range of business sectors and industries – financial services, healthcare, technology, semiconductor, manufacturing, retail, consumer goods, and other niche industries. While Ingenium seeks to provide top quality executive search services to our valued clients, our mission is to be a full service partner in helping you achieve your business objectives.

If hiring top talent to guide your organization is your top priority, we are your partner in the marketplace to get it done. However if your business is entering the Japan market, investing in a Japan growth strategy, or needs to re-organize and create a turnaround plan, Ingenium also provides Strategic Consulting Services. We have a stable of seasoned industry professionals who know the unique challenges and intricacies of the Japanese market, and who have built successful teams and organizations by overcoming these challenges.

The Japanese economy presents unique, often make-or-break challenges that require localized expertise to compliment your global strategy. Contact us NOW to speak directly with someone who can assess your organization’s unique circumstances and your path to sustainable success in Japan.

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