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Contemporary Boardroom

Since the year 2000, The Ingenium Group has delivered for clients from a wide range of business sectors and industries – financial services, healthcare, technology, semiconductor, manufacturing, retail, consumer goods, and other niche industries. We are at our most effective when the stakes are highest.

If you have a search that is critical to the health of your business, if you need a trusted partner to handle a sensitive or confidential scenario, or if you simply need full dedication to a search that cannot fail, contact The Ingenium Group about our retained or exclusive search services. We’ll outline our process by assessing your business situation, your mission and vision, your talent requirements, and then devise the right strategy to deliver results based on the realities of the market. Our market intelligence capabilities, vast candidate access, strategic business knowledge, client partnership focus, and efficient teamwork all ensure that the desired outcome will be achieved.

With our local, on-the-ground focus and dedication to our strategic client partners here in Japan, Ingenium’s Retained Search services are an economical and efficient solution. Contact us now for more details and a consultation.

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