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Japan is the world’s third largest economy and second largest healthcare market. As a mature economic market with a rapidly aging population, Japan presents a tremendous growth opportunity for pharma, medical device, and medtech companies. Stringent regulations and protectionist economic structures demand expert leadership for the companies who choose to operate in Japan. Such leaders need an established network in industry and government, the highest level of business acumen, and a rare international perspective which permits them to lead a firm in this remarkable market.


Japanese firms are legitimate heavyweight competitors to foreign capital firms. Japan also has a very robust environment for bioventures and R&D. As these firms look to expand and compete globally, finding the right leadership and talent for the 21st century becomes more vital.


Since its inception in 2000, Ingenium Group has been at the forefront of the Japan healthcare industry. We have long standing relationships with key players and organizations and have a unique cultural understanding of the domestic Japanese dynamic coupled with the global dynamic. Our attention to detail along with an adherence to the highest standards makes us a trusted partner in this competitive and intricate marketplace.


Please contact Ingenium to meet our Healthcare team and learn about the expertise they can offer you.

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