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What are your business objectives? What do you need to get ahead of the competition? We understand and have daily access to the talent in the market that helps you answer these vital questions. The Japan economy presents unique challenges not often found in other markets for global businesses. Ingenium digs deep into the market to get to know the difference makers. We tailor our services and search methods to your needs while providing insight on the market and competition.

Our Process:

We get to know you first and work to gain a full understanding of your business objectives and market circumstances. As we have a large existing network that we are always expanding, we strategically target the professionals in the market who fit your culture and strategic needs. Our experts effectively sell your vision to the right professionals in the marketplace by having a complete understanding of your business, and matching your vision with the goals of motivated, forward thinking, and talented professionals who will help you achieve your objectives in a competitive marketplace.

Please look at our areas of expertise below and contact us today!



Industrial & Manufacturing



Financial Services

Special Projects



Executive Search

Retained Search

Interim Management

Employee Dispatch (Haken)

Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)

Strategic Consulting

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