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Since the year 2000, The Ingenium Group has delivered for clients from a wide range of business sectors and industries – financial services, healthcare, technology, semiconductor, manufacturing, retail, consumer goods, and other niche industries. 

We know your space and we know how to earn the trust of that elusive talent you have been seeking in the market. As your strategic partner and an extension of your voice in the market, we’ll find those important junior and mid career professionals that support your organizational growth, or that key executive hire your success could hinge upon – our success is the long-term success of our valued clients.


When you work with Ingenium, you will know what is in the market and you will speak to the candidates you have been looking for. The Ingenium Group has full, native bi-lingual capabilities to convey your message. Our team is highly trained and dedicated – we get through to the talent that others can’t get to through a very thorough market data and research based approach to the talent landscape.

We’ll outline our process by assessing your business situation, your mission and vision, your talent requirements, and then devise the right strategy to deliver results based on the realities of the market. Our market intelligence capabilities, vast candidate access, strategic business knowledge, client partnership focus, and efficient teamwork all ensure that the desired outcome will be achieved.

Contact us now for more details and a consultation.

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