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Fashion Rail

The industry is undergoing a sea change and has had to reimagine the customer relationship; what it means to attract and retain the customer in the digital age where attention spans are short and traditional means of advertising, e.g. Print and TV are no longer cost effective. Consulting firm PWC estimates 39% of retail shoppers worldwide rely on social networks to provide their main inspiration for purchases. And 56% rely on Amazon.


What do these changes mean for the industry? More specifically, how do these changes affect the recruitment process and the profile of talent consumer focused companies aim to hire and retain?


With Ingenium’s deep connection to the market, we consider ourselves fortunate to be in a position to offer the most innovative solutions to our clients’ problems. Ultimately this means identifying and introducing the most highly sought-after talent available - people who drive top-line growth across markets, products, and customers, while managing tight bottom-line fundamentals.

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